pasta born with style

Adriana – pasta made from 100% semolina, always underscoring your sense of style.

Only 100% semolina – that is to say, high-grade flour from special durum (or hard) wheat (triticum durum) – guarantees that pasta made from this, the best of all flours, won't fall apart, even if you cook it for a little too long, , and that it won't stick together once it has cooled.  

We are firm believers in the philosophy that food is not only about filling one's belly, but that one should feel great after a meal, elated by a sense of pleasant "satisfaction". Dinner shouldn't be a hurried conclusion to the day, but an opportunity to meet with family and friends and to properly enjoy one's food in the community of those around the dinner table.

Anyone can have style – what’s important is that you find your own.  
All of us love to discover new flavors and have new experiences. That's reason enough to try out Adriana, with the broadest range of quality pasta, coming in 19 different shapes in all-new, stylish packaging.